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Apply now for the Startup Visa program if you're over 30, have basic education and IELTS score of 5. Don't miss this chance to make your dream a reality.

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Breaking Boundaries

Unlocking Canada PR Just Got Easier – Are You Ready?

Struggling with PR Maze?

Struggling with Traditional PR Routes? Eager to Uncover a Fresh Approach?

Falling Short on CRS?

Is Your CRS Score Holding You Back from ITA? Ready to Break Free from the Norm?

Consulting the Right Experts?

Tired of Navigating in the Dark? Are You Looking for Experts with Real Legal Insight?

Unlock Canada PR Success with GCC's Startup Visa Program!

Tired of struggling through complex Express Entry and PNP procedures? Frustrated by low CRS scores that seem to hold you back? Seeking reliable guidance without the confusion? Welcome to GCC Immigration’s Startup Visa Program – a straightforward route to achieving your Canadian dream, led by our team of experts.


Simplify the PR Process

Say goodbye to the maze of uncertainty. Our Startup Visa Program streamlines the path to Canadian PR, guiding you through each step with clarity.


Surpass CRS Barriers

Don't let numbers define your future. Our program empowers you to overcome CRS score limitations, ensuring a smooth journey towards PR.


Age No Longer a Barrier

Age should never hinder your aspirations. Our program ensures a faster PR process, with a reduced emphasis on IELTS scores and Qualification


Trusted Expert guidance.

Bid farewell to confusion. Our seasoned team offers comprehensive insights and well-informed strategies, making your PR journey smoother and more confident.


Assure Experience.

Your investment deserves the best. With GCC Immigration, you're choosing a partner with proven success and a commitment to your PR goals.


Dream big, achieve more.

Calling all dreamers and go-getters! The Startup Visa Program propels you toward exponential success, helping you achieve five times your current progress within just a year.


Secure Your Family's Future

Provide your family with a bright future in Canada. If you're above 35 and facing CRS score limitations, the Startup Visa Program offers a clear path to success.


Empower Your Family's Dreams

Envision a thriving future for your loved ones. Gain open work permits for both parents and provide your children with the gift of free education.


Start Your Success Journey

Delay no more. Connect with GCC Immigration's experts in law, immigration, and business strategy. Let's commence your journey towards a successful Startup Visa application.


Permanent Residency for up to 5 Founders and their families
Residency for spouse & dependent children up to the age of 22
Low-band IELTS requirement: The program has a lower requirement
Federal program - Ability to live in any province of Canada
Ability to apply for Citizenship after 3 years of living in Canada
Able to operate a successful business supported by Mentors
Best Education and healthcare plan for the entire family


To successfully navigate the Start-Up Visa Program in Canada, you will need to complete several key steps. Here is a breakdown of the process

Drafting the Business Plan

Develop a comprehensive business plan that outlines your start-up's vision, objectives, market analysis, financial projections, and growth strategies.

Market Research

Research the Canadian market to better understand your target audience, competitors, and opportunities. Tailor your business idea accordingly.

Validate market in Canada

Validate your business idea in Canada by gathering feedback, conducting surveys, and engaging with potential customers or experts.

Start-up MVP support

Get support from mentors, incubators, or organizations to develop and refine your idea and create an MVP.

Company Incorporation

Register your start-up with provincial or territorial authorities to become a legal entity in Canada, meeting all necessary requirements.

Designated Organizations

Search for incubators that match your business and connect with them to learn about their requirements and selection criteria.

What Our Clients Say

“Discover Inspirational Stories from Individuals Similar to You – Prepare to Be Amazed!”


We are really thankful to Raptor for the excellent service and guidance for our Visa. The team is very dedicated and sincere and never hesitate to answer our queries. Good service by team of immigration lawyers and CICC licensed consultants.Overall it was a great experience and strongly recommend them.

Chethan S

GCC Immigration Inc., team helped me in obtaining my canada PR. They provide proper guidance and assessment with all documentation. The team is very approachable and friendly. Thank you very much for this success. I highly recommend this place for Canada immigration services.

Keerti Popuri

I came to meet Vishy under fortunate circumstances and it was by chance that I mentioned about my PR application which still needed IELTS exam to be completed. Nevertheless, the care extended towards the application was impeccable. Going over the documents and suggesting the right approach to get the job done is what he does the best. Once the case is taken up, it is brought to closure with great results by all means and I stand to serve as a testimonial to it. He is great at his job and he serves it well with utmost care and vigilance.

Sindhuja Nelaturu

Who We Are?


At GCC Immigration Inc., we stand as a beacon of expertise and dedication in the world of immigration. Our team comprises seasoned Immigration Lawyers, CICC Licensed Consultants, and committed Paralegals, each bringing their unique skills to the table. With an unparalleled experience spanning over a decade in the Immigration Industry, we’ve etched a remarkable journey marked by pristine success.

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At GCC Immigration Inc., we are committed to excellence and your success. Partner with us on your journey.

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“We are experts in Business Immigration and provide a team of Lawyers, Licensed Consultants, Paralegals, and Corporate Professionals to guide you.”


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