SAP Functional

Quality Management Introduction

  •   QM Introduction
  •   Overview of Quality Management
  •   Features and Benefits of SAP QM
  •   Main Functions of QM Functional Consultant

Quality Management Tables / Tcode

  •   Important QM Tables
  •   List of SAP QM Transaction Codes 1
  •   List of SAP QM Transaction Codes 2

QM In Logistics

  •   Introducing QM in Procurement
  •   Control Key for Quality Management in Procurement
  •   Define Keys for Certificate Processing
  •   Define Delivery Block Tables
  •   Define Document Types Tables
  •   Define Status of Supply Relationships
  •   Solution for wrong confirmation and wrong usage decision(UD)
  •   Calibration of test equipment
  •   Vendor Blocked for Quality Reasons
  •   Adding Extra Field On Notification
  •   Batch Management – Batch Classification Configuration
  •   QM Workflow For Material Setup

QM IN Production

  •   Introducing QM in Procurement
  •   Create Description
  •   Maintaining the Material Master Data
  •   QM view in material master

QM Inventory Posting

  •   Settings Required for a Material Inspection
  •   Reverse Goods Receipt Postings or GRN
  •   QA: Make/Buy Material – Inspection Problem
  •   Quality Certificate
  •   QM Inspection method printing
  •   QM Insp. Type for SD Delv. in Returned Gds
  •   Inspection Lot in Inventory Movement

Source Inspection

  •   How to do Source Inspection in QM
  •   Procedure For Source Inspection
  •   What is Source Inspection