SAP Functional

Basics Of PI

  •   Architecture and components of the SAP Net Weaver Process Integration
  •   Configuration and runtime behavior of synchronous and asynchronous scenarios
  •   Connecting back-end systems using proxies and adapters
  •   Overview of mapping
  •   Overview of cross-component Business Process Management (ccBPM)
  •   Outlook to SAP Net Weaver Process Integration in the context of Enterprise SOA

Business Process Management

  •   Overview of BPM
  •   Step types of ccBPM processes in SAP Net Weaver Process Integration (SAP NW PI)
  •   BPEL4WS import and export
  •   Delivered samples (process pattern)
  •   Exception handling in ccBPM processes
  •   Monitoring and error handling in ccBPM processes

XI Proxy Dvelopment

  •   Development Environment and Development Objects using SAP Net Weaver Process Integration
  •   Concepts of Signature Derivation out of SAP Models in SAP NW PI 7.1
  •   Proxy generation for ABAP in SAP NW PI 7.0 and 7.1
  •   Implementing of server proxies and Enterprise Services in ABAP
  •   Runtime configuration with WSADMIN, WSCONFIG, SOAMANAGER
  • Use of the Services Registry
  •   Mass configuration, Direct Connection and Communication using WSRM

PI Proxy Dvelopment

  •   Condition Technique
  •   Condition Type
  •   Access Sequence
  •   Condition Table
  •   Field Catalog
  •   Pricing Procedure
  •   Condition Records
  •   Condition Exclusion

PI Operations
Monitoring Landscape

  •   System component monitoring
  •   End-to-end monitoring
  •   Performance monitoring

Administartion Tools

  •   Runtime workbench
  •   Net weaver administrator

PI Mapping

  •   Overview of mapping techniques
  •   Standard functions in message mapping
  •   User-defined functions in message mapping
  •   Complex mapping tasks using message mapping
  •   Value mapping technologies in message mapping
  •   Additional techniques in message mapping
  •   Integrating ABAP, Java, and XSLT mapping