SAP Functional

SAP Sybase Unwired Platform Mobile Application Developer Training- Online

Please see below the list of topics that will be covered within this training.

Product Introduction and Architecture

Describe SAP Sybase Unwired Platform architecture, including the functionality of runtime services, device platform support and Configuration of the Sybase Unwired Platform. 

Unwired WorkSpace and Data Source Integration

Work within the Unwired WorkSpace, including the import and export of project files, navigate the various views, apply changes to object properties, and create or modify Connection Profiles. Use the Mobile Workflow Forms Editor Flow Design.

MBO Design Development and Deployment

Describe  MBO basic concepts, such as attributes, operations, roles, and relationships. Work with the advanced entities of the MBO including personalization keys, load parameters, and object queries. Create MBO packages and deployment profiles.

Mobile Workflow Application Development

Describe and create Hybrid Apps using the Hybrid Web Container. Create and Assign HWC Application Users, configure the Notification Mailbox, generate and customize hybrid web container files, and perform online lookups and requests.

Native Mobile Application Development and the Object APIs

Generate Object Code for Native Applications, describe the objects created, and perform required steps to develop a Native Application in an external IDE for support device platforms. Implement Single Sign-on (SSO).

Sybase Control Center Administration for Developers

Perform standard administration tasks required for development and testing of mobile applications. Define security configurations.

Sybase Unwired Platform Troubleshooting

Configure, describe and use platform and client logs for troubleshooting.