Sybase DBA


  • Systems Administration Overview
    • System and optional databases
    • Adaptive Server Installation
  • ·Diagnosing the system problems
  • ·Configuring the server
  • ·Defining Physical and Sybase-Mirrored Devices to the Server
  • ·Databases
  • ·Setting database options
  • ·Database Logging and Recovery
  • ·Introduction to Security
  • ·Managing Adaptive server logins, database users, and client connections
  • ·Managing User permissions
  • ·Auditing
  • ·Creating and using segments
  • ·Backing Up and Restoring
  • ·Configuring Memory
    • Configuring Data Caches
  • ·Using the reorg command
    • Checking Database consistency
    • Performance and tuning

Note : Duration of the course is 30H sessions of one hour each.