Hyperion Financial Management

Hyperion Financial Management
1.Introduction to Financial Management
   * About Enterprise Performance Management
2.HFM Basics
   * Dimensions
   * Define Application Profile
   * Create application
3.Loading Metadata from a File
   * About Metadata Load Files
   * Loading Metadata
   * Manage Metadata
   * Prepare own Metadata
4.Configuring Accounts and Custom Dimensions
   * About Accounts and Custom Dimensions
   * Setting Up Account Types and Hierarchies
   * Setting Up Accounts and Custom Dimensions
   * Intercompany Account and Other Account Properties
5.Setting Up Entities, Calendars, and Scenarios
   * Setting up Entities
   * Setting Up Calendars
   * Setting Up Scenarios
6.Loading Data
   * Loading Data Files
   * Extracting Data
   * Copying and Removing Data
7.Creating Tasklist and Data Forms
   * About Data Forms
   * Accessing the Form Builder
   * Defining the Point of View
   * Defining Columns and Rows
   * Setting Row and Column Options
   * Exporting Data to Spreadsheets
8.Entering Data Using Data Grids
   * About Data Grids and Accessing Data Grids
   * Changing the Grid Layout and Display
   * Selecting Members for Dimensions
   * Selecting Members
   * Saving Grid Settings
   * Entering Data and Filling Multiple Cells
   * Spreading and Calculating Data
   * Adding Cell Text and Line-Item Detail
9.Creating Member Lists in Financial Management
   * About Member Lists
   * System and User-Defined Member Lists
   * Creating Member Lists
   * Identifying Member Lists in a File
   * Creating Static Member Lists
   * Creating Dynamic Member Lists for the Entity Dimension and Other Dimensions
   * Loading and Extracting Member Lists
10.Entering Intercompany Data
   * About Intercompany Transactions
   * Intercompany Account Balances
   * Elimination Process
   * Plug Accounts
   * Intercompany Eliminations and the Value Dimension
   * Setting Up Entities and Accounts for Intercompany Data
   * Creating and Running Intercompany Matching Reports
11.Adjusting Data with Journals
   * About Journals and Journal Benefits and Adjusting Data
   * Journals Review Process and the Value Dimension
   * Multiple Journal Postings, Accessing Journals and Opening Periods for Journal Entry
   * Creating Journal Templates and Journal Balance Types
   * Creating Journals and Entering Journal Data
   * Creating, Previewing, Running and Viewing Adjustments with the Entity Details Report
   * Setting Journal Report Properties and Selecting Columns and Filters
   * Saving Journal Reports Locally and Remotely
12.Running Consolidations and process management
   * Consolidation Process and Percentages
   * Entering Consolidation Information Using Ownership Management
   * Running Consolidations
   * Checking Consolidation Status
   * Data Translation
   * Entering Exchange Rates
13.Analyzing Data Using Smart View
   * About Smart View
   * Smart View Installation and Components
   * Connecting to a Data Source
   * Entering Data with Web Data Forms
   * Functions in Smart View
   * About Rules and Rules Syntax
   * Rule Types and Rules Files
   * Objects and Functions in Rules
   * Assigning Values to Accounts
   * Account Expressions
   * Setting Values for Multiple Accounts
   * Subcubes, Data Retrieval, and Rules
   * Loading and Extracting Rules