Oracle Apps SCM
Inventory Module
Introduction of Inventory
Definition of Location
Definition of Calendar –
Definition of Organization –
Master Item Definition
Assign Item to Organization
Item templates – FG/RM/PI
Item Attributes
Definition of Sub Inventories and Locators
On-hand Quantities
Miscellaneous Receipts and Issues
Sub Inventory transactions.
Move Order Transactions
Inter Org Transactions
Mini-Max Planning
Replenishment Planning
Re Order Point Planning
Kanban Planning
ABC analysis
Physical Counting
Cycle Counting
All other Relevant inventory setups
Generate relevant inventory reports
2.Purchase Modules
Introduction of Purchasing
Define all the relevant Setups for Purchasing
Define Suppliers and Approved Suppliers
Define Requisitions
Define RFQ and Quotations
Purchase Order flow
Manual generated PO’s and through Auto Create.
Types of Purchase Orders
Define Standard Purchase Order
Define Planned Purchase Order
Define Blanket Purchase Order
Define Contract Purchase Order
Receiving Transactions Against PO’s
Return transactions Against PO’s
Generate all PO relevant reports
3.Order Management Module
Introduction of Order Management
Understanding OM Cycles
All relevant setups for Order Management
Type of Sales Orders
ISO Cycle
Drop Shipment
RMA Cycle.
Define customers
Define shipping methods
Define price list
Copy price list
Adjust price list
Add item to price list
Generate all OM relevant reports