Golden Gate Introduction

Golden gate overview and benefits

Golden Gate Architecture
Understanding golden gate manager
Understanding golden gate process groups
Golden gate checkpointing
Understanding commit sequence numbers
Golden gate DEFGEN
Understanding classic and integrated capture
Data types supported by golden gate

System Requirements

h/w, s/w requirements

Installing Golden Gate

                Installing golden gate (linux)
Configuring environment
Understanding Directory structure

GGSCI GG command interpreter

Configuring golden gate processes

Configuring Manager
Preparing source DB

Configuring extract process group (change capture)

Configuration of extract process group
Accessing logs Under file system and ASM
Configuration of extract tasks
Parameters for extract group
Using archived logs for extracts
Understanding Trails

Configuring replicat process group (change delivery)

Configuring replicat
Parameters and tasks

Configuring Datapump


DDL Replication
Intial Load configuration
Change Data Capture
Configuring data pump
Selection and Filtering

Goldengate Security

Securing Goldengate passwords
Securing Goldengate trail files.

Goldengate High Availability (under cluster)

Goldengate requirements for RAC
Goldengate for ASM
Configuring ACFS for Goldengate HA
Configuring Goldengate in HA using Oracle GI(11g R2)

Configuring golden gate for heterogeneous databases

Configuring db2 to oracle replication

Handling TCP/IP errors
Using reporting and statistics
Monitoring processes, lags and error messages
Using logdump

Duration: 10 HOURS