Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g –Training

Fusion Middleware Products discussed in the course:

  • Oracle ADF With JDeveloper (includes Application Integration Architecture) (30 Days)
  • Oracle Weblogic Server administration (Includes Coherence) (30 Days)
  • Oracle Weblogic Portal Server administration (15 Days)
  • Oracle Directory Services Suite (Includes OID, OVD, DIP, OIF) (15 Days)
  • Oracle Access Management Suite(OAM) (10 Days)
  • Oracle Identity Management Suite (OIM) (20 Days)
  • Oracle Web Center Suite(Includes Portal Development) (12 Days)
  • Oracle Enterprise Service Bus (Part of SOA Suite) (12 Days)
  • Oracle Enterprise Management Suite (OEM, OPMN, & Grid Console) (6Days)


  • The entire course will be conducted in the following order deliver the effective training but can be customized as per the training/project requirements of the requester.
  • Some products/suites(Like WebCenter Suite) will depend on the Oracle ADF hence it will be discussed in the first place and will be discussed briefly when discussing the dependent  products as well

Coverage: The following is the summary of what can be covered or not covered with respect to the each Fusion Middleware Product suite. Hence request to go through to decide on the final contents of the training.

Weblogic Suite: Administration of Weblogic & Portal Servers, Coherence. 
OEPE is not covered as we have ADF and JDeveloper for Development stack

Identity Management Suite (IDM Suite) – Complete

Directory Services Integration Suite – Complete

Access Management Suite – Complete

Web Center Suite – Complete

SOA Suite – Only ESB & Web Services Manager are covered as there are constraints for Setting up the whole environment. In VMware based environment.

Enterprise Management Suite – Everything will be covered except simulating the Grid infrastructure, as it is highly difficult to simulate in VMware based environment.

BPM Suite – Not at all Covered
Content Management Suite – Not at all Covered.