Oracle Directory Services 11g: Administration

Duration: 15 Days

  • Oracle Directory Services 11g: Essential Concepts
  • Oracle Internet Directory: Installation and Configuration
  • Oracle Internet Directory: Directory Server Administration
  • Oracle Internet Directory: Directory Security
  • Oracle Directory Integration Platform (DIP): Synchronization Concepts
  • Oracle Directory Integration Platform: Synchronization Services Administration
  • Integrating with Sun Java System Directory Server
  • Integrating with Microsoft Active Directory
  • Oracle Internet Directory: Replication Concepts
  • Oracle Internet Directory: Replication Implementation
  • Installing, Configuring, and Launching Oracle Virtual Directory
  • Creating and Managing Basic Adapters
  • Creating and Managing Advanced Adapters
  • Understanding Advanced Functionalities of Oracle Virtual Directory
  • Understanding Enterprise User Security (EUS)
  • Understanding Auditing, Monitoring, and Logging