Oracle Application Development Framework 11g

Duration: 30 Days

  • Brainstorming Java & JVM Architecture
  • Brainstorming J2EE Architecture
  • Introduction to Oracle Fusion Middleware and ADF
  • Getting Started with JDeveloper
  • Modeling the Database Schema
  • Building a Data Model with ADF Business Components
  • Querying and Persisting Data
  • Exposing Data to Clients
  • Declaratively Customizing Data Services
  • Programmatically Customizing Data Services
  • Validating User Input
  • Troubleshooting ADF BC Applications
  • Understanding UI Technologies
  • Binding UI Components to Data
  • Planning the User Interface
  • Adding Functionality to Pages
  • Implementing Navigation on Pages
  • Achieving the Required Layout
  • Ensuring Reusability
  • Passing Values Between UI Elements
  • Responding to Application Events
  • Implementing Transactional Capabilities
  • Implementing Security in ADF BC Applications
  • Deploying ADF BC Applications